The new icon system for Skype

A complete re-design following Skype Classic.

Skype 8 comes with performance and usability improvements. It’s based on community feedback —adding new features while ensuring it’s simple to use with the same familiar interface of Skype version 7.0. Both Skype 8 and Microsoft Teams have similar icons because Teams is the successor of Skype for Business.

Skype has a global community of hundreds of millions users. And Skype 8 which is available for all devices from Mac OS, Windows 10, XBox, Apple Watch to Android is aiming for new ways to enhance the experience, improve quality and reliability, and connect people from any device with the new UI.

To match the new Skype style, all new icons also needed to be outlined. The original shapes weren’t constructed to be converted to outlines. Because the new icons are constructed with a center vector line, it’s easy to generate solid & outlined icons from one single vector source.

All icons have a solid and an outlined version. Both versions share the same vector path.

Here are some explorations to find the best design for the Skype Chat Bot.

The same for the cogwheel »Settings« icon.

More work:

Smallprint, etc.

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