Adaptive (responsive) icon system for GM/OPEL.

Welcome to the new OPEL icon system! The icons connect to the OPEL corporate typeface. They are available in the very versatile SVG vector graphics format. This vector format can be scaled within the following guidelines and provide a clear and adaptive design to match all possible applications from website, app to in-car and print.

Each one of the new icons comes in two versions. One version (S) is for small applications. The (L) version is for large applications. The use for each size is specified below. The (S) icon has a simple design with the least amount of detail. The (L) icon has more details. CSS commands switch between the layers of the SVG files. So you need just one SVG to have the different versions.

The circular dots deriving from the corporate typeface help to match the visual appearance of the new icon system with the existing designs. The bold dots make the icons look simple and friendly.

Angular elements provide the visual connection to the OPEL corporate typeface.

For letters and numbers in icons we use the OPEL corporate typeface.

Here’s a comparison of a standard icon design with the new OPEL icon design. Both icons look quite similar but the OPEL icon comes with the following design details that make it unique.

This diagram shows where the (S) and the (L) versions of the new icons break.

More work:

Smallprint, etc.

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