A new typeface for Braun.

Braun Linear is the new typeface for Braun.

It has very little modulation in the line strength, so we called it »Braun Linear«.


I built it together with my colleague Ludwig Übele and Nina Sagra, prof. Oliver Grabes and Renke Thye of the Braun design studio. It was super exciting and also little scary to re-think the corporate typeface of a company like Braun that has this important design heritage.


My typography professor Eckard Jung studied @ hfg ulm and learned from Otl Aicher. The design of Braun is based on the priciples of the Ulm school. So, somehow a circle closes.


And here you see the result. A sleek, useful, friendly, german, modern typeface that expands the communication of the new Braun and became a valuable corporate asset.

More work:

Smallprint, etc.

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