A fresh icon system for volvocars.com.

Ah! Scandinavian style meets precision engineering. This is the new icon system for volvocars.com. A super sleek and super simple solution. You can find the icons across the new volvocars site.

Oh! The new VOLVO icons come with a unique style. But the visual complexity is still on the level of the old generic designs.

Trevlig! With the flexible line strengths all icons can maintain the same line strength across the different application sizes.

Ah! The line strength of the new icons can be adjusted to match the application size. Small icons have a wider outline than large ones. The line strength also follows the weight of the corporate typeface.

Hej! Elements of the product design are translated into some of the icons. This connects the icons to the VOLVO brand and makes them visually more attractive.

Titta! The all-new VOLVO website uses the  XL icons. Product design, website and icon design match very well.

More work:

Smallprint, etc.

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Smallprint, etc.