Here’s the new icon system for norwegian!

Being named Europe’s Best Low Cost Airline three years in a row, norwegian not only has a super friendly service but also one of the youngest fleets in the world. The new icon system that follows this credo has a friendly character, is clean and simple. With the illustrative character the new icons also help to make the website and in-flight entertainment even more enjoyable.

Adaptive icon system.


Most of the new icons come in small and large formats. The additional small size helps to apply icons on the mobile website or in the app UI without sacrificing the friendly, entertaining character of the large icons.

Construction details.


The little details that form the new icons like some rounded corners in the mix with sharp corners connect all icons to form an icon family.

Finding good shapes.


The shape of the plane icon derives from the shape of the real Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Combined with the construction principle of the icon system it connects technology with a humanistic approach. Or: It connects product design with the arts.

In-flight entertainment.


Here’s a photo of the icons used in the modern wide-screen in-flight entertainment system by Panasonic. Photo taken by Charles Riccardi.

The website.

More work:

The new Swiss home appliance brand.

Simple, sleek, friendly.

Design of an adaptive icon system

that follows the design of the corporate typeface.


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